© 2018 by The High Hopes Helpline Executive Board


4400 Vestal Pkwy E,

Binghamton University ​​

Tel: (607) 777-4357

Email: highopes@binghamtonsa.org

Meet The Team

Dylan Tarleton


Junior studying Sociology with minors in Asian and Asian American studies and Education

Julia Davis

Executive Vice President

Sophomore studying Psychology with a minor in Health and Wellness

Michael Kuhl

Vice President of Public Relations and Outreach

Sophomore studying Human Development



Vice President of Applications and Training

Junior studying Psychology

Maggie Dunsford

Chief Financial Officer

Junior studying Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Health and Wellness

S.E.E.K is run by 5 student executive board members who have been elected by the interns and call-handlers of High Hopes Helpline.  The service also has a University Counseling Center advisor who trains all call-handlers.

To reach any of these executive board members, please go to our contact form or email us directly at highhopes@binghamtonsa.org