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4400 Vestal Pkwy E,

Binghamton University ​​

Tel: (607) 777-4357

Email: seek@binghamtonsa.org

Meet The Team


De Jesus



Liz is a junior studying Human Development with a minor in Education. She loves to journal, listen to music, clean, and cook for self-care.

Kailey Williams


Executive Vice President

Kailey is a junior studying Psychology and Social Work. She loves to listen to music, write, paint, and hang with friends for self-care.

Sadie Macklem (She/her)

Vice President of Public Relations and Outreach

Sadie is a junior studying Psychology and Global Studies with a Health and Wellness minor. She loves to jam on instruments, write, paint, cook, and vibe for self-care.

Casey Phelan (They/them)

Vice President of Applications and Training

Casey is a junior studying Human Development and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Education. They love to play with their cat and listen to music for self-care.

Marios Zervos (They/he)

Chief Financial Officer

Marios is a junior studying Accounting. They love to watch movies and theatre for self-care.

S.E.E.K. is run by 5 student executive board members who have been elected by the interns and call-handlers of S.E.E.K.  The service also has a University Counseling Center advisor who trains all call-handlers.

To reach any of these executive board members, please go to our contact form or email us directly at seek@binghamtonsa.org