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If you want to help support other students on campus, we encourage you apply to our internship and become a call handler!

Overview of the Processes

We offer a one semester two-credit CDCI internship every fall and spring semester. The training is given by a by a University Counseling Center staff member and will result in a final test call. Once you have passed your final test call (at the end of your first semester with us) you are allowed to become an active call handler. We require applicants to commit to at least one semester as an active call handler in order to be considered for the internship, making the commitment to S.E.E.K. at least two semesters!

Applications open every year in March (during spring semesters) and October (during fall semesters) and are open for approximately one month. The application is available on S.E.E.K.’s B-Engaged page under the “Forms” tab (click here to get to our page!).


What does the Application entail?

  • Contact information

  • A few short questions responses

  • An updated resume

  • B-Engaged Co-Curricular Transcript

  • At least one (at max two) references 

Once you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email from the E-Board and we will contact your reference(s) personally! Your references will be asked to complete a form that we will email to them and are also welcome to also provide a supplemental letter if they like.  

Application Information

Once completing the internship and passing the final test call, students are allowed to become active call handlers and will sit shifts and take calls every 1-2 weeks.  Active call handlers are also required to attend weekly Sunday Supervision meetings for one hour. Optional tabling, outreach, mentorship, and leadership opportunities are also available to all active call handlers.

Active Call Handlers

One to two weeks after the application deadline, all applicants will be contacted informing them if they received an in-person interview. If they were given an interview, the date and time will be provided in the email (interviews are typically held over the weekend Friday-Sunday and last approximately 20-30 minutes).


After the interviews are completed, the final results will be emailed out by the end of finals week.

The Interview Process

Once accepted as a S.E.E.K. intern, you will attend two 1.5 hour long classes per week.  These classes are taught by the University Counseling Center staff member and also include presentations from different organizations on and off campus. Interns are also expected to attend a 1-1.5 hour long supervision meeting every Sunday evening where we discuss on-goings in the organization, receive additional trainings, and talk about relevant issues on campus.  Lastly, every 3-4 weeks, interns will be scheduled (per their availability) to shadow shifts from 8-11pm with active call handlers. Interns will role play the skills they are learning constantly in the class during supervision meetings, shadow shifts, and separately with their active call handler mentors.  There are a few online quizzes and journal assignments during the internship, an ungraded midterm test call, and at the culmination, a final test call which can be taken more than once if need be.

CDCI Internship