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4400 Vestal Pkwy E,

Binghamton University ​​

Tel: (607) 777-4357

Email: seek@binghamtonsa.org


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When is S.E.E.K. open?

The phone lines receive calls between 8 PM and 11 PM. However, calls may go beyond 11PM without being interrupted.  Our resource is available for students whenever the residence halls are open (excluding break housing), seven days a week. S.E.E.K goes by the academic calendar and is closed during breaks (summer break and winter break).


Does calling cost money?

Calling the helpline is free!


Who calls?/Why do people call?

Any student of Binghamton (undergraduate or graduate) is welcome to call.  No problem is too big or too small! Whether it be anxiety for a test, the grieving of a loved one, or anything else, we welcome any topic you may have and will be the listener that you deserve.


Who will be taking my call?

Any one of our extensively trained peer call handlers would be taking the call.


Are you going to be reporting everything I say?

S.E.E.K. is a private resource, meaning there are certain things we would have to report up to the advisor.  What these things are exactly is listed in the privacy notice.


How do I get involved with S.E.E.K.?

On our website, we have an entire section about how to get involved in this service!


Are you a hotline?

We are not a hotline!  A hotline such as the suicide hotline will deal with things like active suicidal ideation (having a plan). However if we received a call of this nature we would need to transfer the caller to a proper resource that could best help them.


NO MORE UNKNOWN NUMBERS BEING TAKEN because it is a liability concern.