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4400 Vestal Pkwy E,

Binghamton University ​​

Tel: (607) 777-4357

Email: seek@binghamtonsa.org

cAll Handlers

S.E.E.K. is staffed with students just like you! Call-handlers have gone through an extensive semester-long internship taught by a counselor from the University Counseling Center. Training includes topics relating to stress, grief, relationships, mental illness (i.e. anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.), substance use, Title IX and sexual assault, and suicide ideation.  


Our call-handlers come from many different schools within Binghamton University, including Decker School of Nursing, Harpur College, and the School of Management, and they also have a diverse set of majors.  


They are involved in many different organizations on and off campus, such as M-Hope, 20:1, Active Minds, NEDA, CVAC, and many more.


Call-handlers also have many interests outside of S.E.E.K. such as going to the gym, singing, playing games, learning other languages, and posting cute animal pictures in group chats.